Vinyl Vlog: Season Two Episode Four w/ Save The Vinyl INFO!

Can’t watch the video at work? We hear you and feel your pain. Continue Reading for the down and dirty of the above video.

Hello everyone out there in Internet Land!

So we’ve been hinting around about SAVE THE VINYL for some time now and it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag (or the record out of it’s sleeve you could say).

A couple months ago I had this idea to give something back to the vinyl community at this years FEST 8 in Gainesville, FL. The idea was to provide record mailers to people who purchased records from any one of the number of Bands, Labels or Distros present. This would hopefully help SAVE YOUR VINYL from getting wrecked during the 100’s of different shows you’ll attend throughout the weekend.

Now record mailers do cost money and a couple ideas were thrown around to cover the primary cost. After some debate and discussion with a couple people, Nick stepped up and decided to help sponsor this little event. It is thanks to Nick that SAVE THE VINYL is happening! Please take a few moments and check out his site and what he is attempting to do over there at LP!

After getting the mailers secured another idea was given some thought. Help out some of the bands/labels who have supported Vinyl Vlog over the last year. I elected to start a COMP CD full of bands from across the US and Canada. After speaking with our new buddies in Limited Pressing and old buddies at National Underground, Anchorless Records & Vinyl Collective, we got a handful of awesome bands who were on board. Next we contacted friends and local favorites to fill out the roster you see below.

Now we do agree with you, COMP CDs have died over the past couple of years with the advent of the internet and myspace profiles. So in addition to the COMP CD, we decided to continue what we do best. GIVE AWAY FREE RECORDS!

Almost all of the bands on SAVE THE VINYL have donated records, cds, t shirts and stickers to be given away. We will have 200 record mailers containing 200 comps. Of these 200, 5 are GOLDEN CDs! If you get one of these special CDs you will win a PRIZE PACKAGE! Now ALL CDs do look the same but differ in track listing. The GOLDEN CDs will have SPOKEN WORD tracks instead of a real song. These tracks will have instructions saying that you’ve won a prize package and to email or call a special number. To find out if you won simply LISTEN TO THE CD!

Ok, we do understand that since this CD has multiple UNRELEASED songs from some pretty awesome bands (Smoke of Fire and O Pioneers to name a few) some people NOT attending the FEST may want to hear it so…we have hosted it for free here:

Now I hope this goes without saying but IF you enjoy any of the bands on this COMP please support them and their labels. It would really mean a lot to US and to THEM.

For FEST attendees to pick up a mailer/CD just stop by the National Underground booth at sign in on Friday and ask for one!!!!

Well, that’s it. If you have any questions please feel free to Email @ or send us a message via twitter: @vinylvlog.

We really appreciate all of the bands who became part of this little adventure.

See you at the FEST!

– Joshua

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