Monumental Tracks – Episode 13: Guest DJ Set with Lisa from Kind of Like Records

Monumental Tracks has posted a new podcast, featuring a guest DJ set and interview with Lisa of Kind Of Like Records. The show also features a whole mess of tracks from the likes of Red City Radio, RVIVR, Timeshares, Captain, We’re Sinking, Cynics, Avail and others! For the playlist and a link to the podcast…

Kids Can’t Fly – Everyone
Red City Radio – They Don’t Make Gravel Roads Like they Used To
RVIVR – Seethin
Green Room Rockers – You and I
Kid Anthem – 1993
Do It With Malice – Nickel and Dime
Avail – Scuffle Town
Captain, We’re Sinking – Foster Brothers (Picked by Lisa)
Timeshares – Little Full, Lotta Sap (Picked by Lisa)
Cynics – Memorial Day (Picked by Lisa)
Knapsack – Skip The Details
The ACBs – Boy Like Me
Tora! Tora! Torrance! – Yr All on Our Dance Card
The Mohawks – Let It Be
The Jealous Sound – Guard It Closely
Mu330 – Hang Tuff Hold Tight

Check out the podcast here!

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