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Off With Their Heads – Full Set (The Fest 5)

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Off With Their Heads made their mark early with their debut EP Hospitals in 2006. Playing their first time at The FEST, and playing mainly cuts from Hospitals, this set is about as indicative of OWTH as you can get and made them somewhat legendary in the FEST community.


Planes Mistaken For Stars – Full Set (The Fest 5)

Planes Mistaken For Stars had a successful decade as a band, but called it quits in early 2008. They played at FEST V on their first tour with their final lineup. This show stands out as one of the best PMFS shows of all time and is testament to their legacy as a band.

Smoke Or Fire – Full Set (The Fest 6)

Originally calling themselves Jericho back in 1998, and then Jericho RVA, Smoke or Fire has been releasing consistently good political punk for over a decade. Their FEST 6 show was the final tour for their bassist Ken Gurley before he went on to begin teaching. Gwomper from Avail has taken over bass duties and the band has taken some time off. Singer Joe McMahon has been touring solo and is not to be missed.

Paint It Black – Full Set (The Fest 5)

Paint It Black is a staple of the hardcore scene. After playing at The FEST 4, they came back for The FEST V with their new drummer and plans to party…which they did.

Dead To Me – Full Set (The Fest 6)

San Francisco’s Dead To Me is an All-Star mix with Jack from One Man Army and Chicken from Western Addiction. This set is just weeks after Chicken’s release from a rehab facility and he explains in between songs. Tony (the FEST) makes a cameo as the friend who hands him a non-alcoholic beer.

Glass And Ashes – Full Set (The Fest 5)

Ventura California’s Glass And Ashes pushed the envelope on what is considered hardcore/punk/metal, making waves with their signature sound, influencing countless bands since. They broke up in 2008 and Bassist/Singer Michael Carter joined Gainesville, FL’s Young Livers.