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Interview: Young Livers

On the heels of an east coast tour for their sophomore release Of Misery and Toil, Young Livers stopped in Wallingford, Connecticut, to play a somewhat-secret basement show at Redscroll Records. Despite an unfamiliar crowd of fewer than fifty people, the band’s powerful energy swept through the room with vehemency. After the show, after lugging equipment back into their van, we discussed touring, writing, and the new record. Continue reading

Mutiny Zine Interviews Vinyl Vlog

Interview: Landmines (The Fest 7)

Check out our interview with Landmines!

Another installment of our weekly interview series, this time with Tony of Landmines. Check it out: Continue reading

Interview: Ninja Gun (The Fest 7)

Our second installment of pre-Fest interviews with J. Coody of Ninja Gun. Continue reading

Interview: New Mexican Disaster Squad (The Fest 7)

Here at NationalUnderground.org, we are excited. Specifically about a month called October and a day we call Halloween that kicks off The Fest. We figure you’re probably as excited as we are, so we talked to as many Fest bands as possible to ask them questions about the Fest, and also to see what is going on in punk rock right now. We’ll be releasing these interviews weekly starting now and continuing until the Fest. We’re kicking off with a New Mexican Disaster Squad interview, and because this is our first week of interviews, we’ve decided to release a new one every day. Keep checking back to see more interviews from bands like Sakes Alive!!!, Benard, O Pioneers, Ninja Guns, North Lincoln, and many others. Without further ado, here’s our interview with Alex of NMDS. Continue reading