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Capsule – No Ghost

When listening to No Ghost for the first time, prepare for a shock to the system because this is a pretty big departure for Capsule. The band’s music is notoriously chaotic and with the songs from their previous full length and seven inches the listener was never sure what to expect. Capsule’s chaotic nature still exists within the confines of No Ghost, but this time has been nurtured and molded to also hold a larger sense of organization behind the madness.

Bands You Need To Know- Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson was bright beacon from an otherwise gloomy Miami punk scene. Let me lay my bias on the table, the members include some of my best friends and I have some the band’s artwork tattooed above my left knee. They were a pop punk band but were also relatively hard to pigeon hole. Doing my best to force a comparison, I would say their sound was somewhere in between The Marked Men and The Thermals. In Miami, good music is usually created in flashes, which end when the members of those bands become frustrated with the limitations of the city. The release of Sloane Peterson’s full length will forever be marred by those frustrations…

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