Bands You Need To Know- Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson was bright beacon from an otherwise gloomy Miami punk scene. Let me lay my bias on the table, the members include some of my best friends and I have some the band’s artwork tattooed above my left knee. They were a pop punk band but were also relatively hard to pigeon hole. Doing my best to force a comparison, I would say their sound was somewhere in between The Marked Men and The Thermals. In Miami, good music is usually created in flashes, which end when the members of those bands become frustrated with the limitations of the city. The release of Sloane Peterson’s full length will forever be marred by those frustrations…


The release of Why Go Out came with the declaration that the band had already broken up. Without any prior announcement, the band had already played its last show in Tallahassee atFresh Fest, 500 miles from home, and decided it was time to make a clean break and simply release “Why Go Out” for free, for everyone to enjoy.

Download Sloane Peterson’s Why Go Out?

Photo Credit: Peter Betancourt Photography

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