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Bands You Need to Know- Iron Chic

Have you recently spent some time in Tampa, Gainesville or Chicago? Did your time in these cities include attending punk shows and visiting dive bars? Well unbeknownst you probably have spent some quality time with Dan Sapp. Dan Sapp is that rowdy guy at shows yelling the lyrics right back to the band or the guy hanging off your shoulder at bars. In short, Dan Sapp is a man who likes good bands and knows how to party. It was Dan Sapp who told me to check out Iron Chic. Dan Sapp told me about an upcoming show they were playing and you know what I did? I fucked up and didn’t see them.

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The Copyrights- North Sentinel Island

The Copyrights’ fifth studio album, North Sentinel Island, opens up with the band’s most straightforward, hardhitting, rock and roll riff in years, and best of all, they’re completely unapologetic for it. The opening track quickly segues into a blend of crunchy guitar riffs layered on top of melodic vocal hooks. Before “Trustees Of Modern Chemistry” finishes, you can rest assured that the band hasn’t lost any of their steam in their three-year absence since 2008’s Learn The Hard Way came out.

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Bands You Need To Know- Caves

Caves are a great energetic pop punk band from Bristol, UK. Last year, they posted mp3s from their first seven inch on the Fest MessageBoard and those songs really grabbed my attention. The band is fun, passionate and really remind me a lot of the defunct Discount. When I saw them at the Fest 9, they did not disappoint and were amongst the best sets that I saw that weekend.

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Joyce Manor- S/T

Ah, these past few years have been quite the rollercoaster ride. We’ve seen metalcore rise and wane almost as quickly as it came. Screamo is not a bad word anymore. Hot Topic emo kids have now moved on to American Apparel and became hipsters. Gruff voiced beard punks are the new 90’s skatepunkers and yet, amidst the constant waves of change, emerges Long Beach, CA’s own Joyce Manor.

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Bands You Need To Know- Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson was bright beacon from an otherwise gloomy Miami punk scene. Let me lay my bias on the table, the members include some of my best friends and I have some the band’s artwork tattooed above my left knee. They were a pop punk band but were also relatively hard to pigeon hole. Doing my best to force a comparison, I would say their sound was somewhere in between The Marked Men and The Thermals. In Miami, good music is usually created in flashes, which end when the members of those bands become frustrated with the limitations of the city. The release of Sloane Peterson’s full length will forever be marred by those frustrations…

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