Bands You Need to Know- Iron Chic

Have you recently spent some time in Tampa, Gainesville or Chicago? Did your time in these cities include attending punk shows and visiting dive bars? Well unbeknownst you probably have spent some quality time with Dan Sapp. Dan Sapp is that rowdy guy at shows yelling the lyrics right back to the band or the guy hanging off your shoulder at bars. In short, Dan Sapp is a man who likes good bands and knows how to party. It was Dan Sapp who told me to check out Iron Chic. Dan Sapp told me about an upcoming show they were playing and you know what I did? I fucked up and didn’t see them.

As far as I can remember, I missed the show was simply because of utter laziness. What a fucking mistake. Eventually I did check out “Not Like This” and you know what, it was just as good as Dan Sapp had promised. The album is full of anthemic, beer spilling pop punk. The band hails from Long Island and features members of the formerly defunct, soon to be reunited, Latterman. So trust me, Dan Sapp’s recommendation will not let you down either.

There is no reason you should be repeating my mistake. Their bandcamp features name your price downloads of all their releases and they’re going to be allover the United States in the next few months. Iron Chic played Insubordination Fest this last weekend, then will be at Awesome Fest 5 during labor day and finally at The Fest 10 for Halloween.

Photograph culled from Gaelen Harlacher’s flickr, please visit for whole set + other band photography.

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