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Fest Or Bust Trailer from DI Wireless


Fest 10 Wrap Up Video

A great wrap up video from this year’s The FEST 10 in Gainesville, FL.

2000 Miles of Debt and Doubt: The Ten Inch Tour

Jay over at the new Up And At Them live music blog just completed a new mini-doc called 2000 Miles of Debt and Doubt featuring the Fest 9 tour of the bands The Great Explainer and Pacer. Check it out as well as other live videos from Crucial Dudes…!

Exclusive Clip — Dead To Me: Wait For It (A Tour Doc)

So stoked to share this preview from my buddy Reese of my boys DTM.

Old Bones Presents: Mose Giganticus

My relationship with Mose Giganticus has been pretty varied over time. For about a year and a half, I considered myself a member of the band; another time, I left tour, rented a car and drove myself home after the first show. Regardless, I probably owe almost everything I know about how to be in a professional band while still staying true to DIY ethics to Matt Garfield and my experience with Mose. There is not one person in the DIY community that works harder and grinds it out moreso that Matt Mose. Whether it is touring to Alaska and back, stealing veg oil at 4 in the morning, or just playing show after show after show after show, Matt Garfield and Mose Giganticus is as honest and as real as music gets.

Captain, We’re Sinking – Star Wars Rap

We posted this on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter but this somehow slipped through the cracks here on the NU site proper.
Last month at an after party at the You Blew It! house after their show at Hoops in Orlando, FL, Captain, We’re Sinking attempted their unlikely but much rumored rap about Star Wars. It’s just iPhone video, but it came out awesome! Enjoy!

Vinyl Vlog: Episode #23 w/Toby from Red Scare & Chris from Lawrence Arms

The Vinyl Vlog dudes are back with a new video, featuring Toby Jeg from Red Scare Industries and Chris McCaughan from The Lawrence Arms. Check it out!