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Bridge and Tunnel Fest 9 Hardcore Set

Just before The FEST 9 (2010) in Gainesville, FL, NYC’s Bridge and Tunnel suffered a setback that would cause most bands to cancel. Guitarist Rachel Rubino broke her wrist in a bicycle accident meaning she would not be able to play. The band opted instead to play a cover set of hardcore songs as a three piece with Rubino on vocals. Arguably the most talked about set that year, these recordings were pressed to vinyl for a limited 7″ insert in the band’s 2011 LP, Rebuilding Year on No Idea Records.

Watch all four songs here.

Dear Landlord – Live at The Fest 9

Sixteen months of buzz after the release of their first full-length, Dream Homes on No Idea Records, Dear Landlord had no trouble packing the thousand capacity venue, 8 Seconds at their set during The FEST 9. During their set at The FEST 8, they dressed up as Coneheads and sweat their way through one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. They packed Common Grounds to the point most people missed them waiting in line for the “one in, one out” rule. To cement their Halloween themed Fest sets into solid tradition, they opted for the ridiculous and as a group donned Insane Clown Posse jewelry, clothes, and yes, even the makeup. Somehow, it worked and they had an incredibly energetic set despite the fact they opened the venue for the day, starting at 1pm. Take a look for yourself…

“Park Bench” from Dream Homes Continue reading

Frank Turner – Live at The Fest 9

Another Fest was coming to a close, so everyone’s spirits were starting to get a little low. Luckily, we had Frank Turner to bring it all to a close for us at 8 Seconds and pick us all back up. From my vantage point on the stage, I could see everyone in the crowd smiling and singing along, even though it was such a departure from most of the music at the Fest. How often do you see crowd surfing to an acoustic singer-songwriter? Never, in my experience anyway. I was too excited to really hold the camera as steady as I could, just because I wanted to join in singing with everyone. There was a perfect blend of old material, a dash of new, and even a cover with a very special guest. This was a fantastic end to one of the best weekends of my life. Until next year of course.

Filmed by Tighe Arnold, Chip Hill, and Sarah Mugavin. Edited by Mackenzie Singleton. Audio mixed by Trevor Oattes, recorded by Mackenzie Singleton.

See the rest of the set here.

Municipal Waste – The FEST 7

Municipal Waste is gearing up to thrash the faces off the thousand or so lucky souls that make it past the line into their show at The FEST 9 later this month in Gainesville, FL. Here are a few clips from their epic show two years ago at The FEST 7. Click here for the rest of the videos. Enjoy!

Young Livers – Full Set (Harvest of Hope Fest 2009)

Our newest material features Gainesville, FL’s Young Livers performing at the Harvest of Hope Fest 2009 in St. Augustine, FL.

Click here to view the full set of videos.

Dead To Me – Fail Safe Warehouse Aftershow (The Fest 8)

San Francisco, CA’s Dead To Me has been going through some changes leading up to the release of African Elephants, their latest full-length on Fat Wreck (out today!). Founding member Jack decided to hang it up for a while and focus on family, so the quartet turned trio decided to not let that stop them and keep on making music. They played at the Fail Safe Records Warehouse during The FEST 8. Take a look for yourself…there is nothing missing in this trio or their performance.


Dillinger Four – Full Set (The Fest 7)

Dillinger Four and The FEST are like peanut butter and jelly. D4 even wrote a song about it called “Gainesville” on their long awaited release C I V I L W A R from last year which they play for the first time in Gainesville at The FEST. They will be playing at Fest 8 in three weeks. This is what The FEST is all about. If you don’t have tickets or travel plans yet, you better hurry up. “Let’s go cause we’re not getting any younger.”

The Briggs – Full Set (The Fest 6)

Los Angeles California’s The Briggs started out in 2001 and have been tearing it up on Side One Dummy Records since 2004. Little known fact: Their song This is LA is played as part of the introduction for the Los Angeles Kings at all of their home games. In 2007, they played the main stage (The Venue) at The Fest 6. Check it out here.

Against Me! – Full Set (The Fest 4)

Against Me! have become one of the largest local bands to come from Gainesville, FL which is quite the statement as local bands include Hot Water Music, Less Than Jake and none other than Tom Petty. Starting off in 1997 as a solo act, Tom Gabel fine tuned the lineup and after years of touring and releasing stellar material on Plan It X Records, Sabot Productions, No Idea Records, and then Fat Wreck Chords came to a high point in their career in the summer/fall of 2005. After releasing their tour DVD “We’re Never Going Home”, playing Warped Tour that year and headlining the Fat Wreck tour, their final show was at home, headlining The FEST 4. A “We’re Never Going Home…Homecoming” if you will. Whether you’re an old Against Me! fan or a new fan you’ll find this is one of the best compilations of their past work, playing it at home to one of the best crowds of their career.

Small Brown Bike – Full Set (The Fest 6)

Marshall, Michigan’s Small Brown Bike called it quits in 2004 after eight years of recording and touring. The members moved on to form LaSalle & Able Baker Fox. In September 2007, after a three year hiatus, Small Brown Bike got back together for a string of shows in Michigan and Chicago, culminating in their final show at The Fest 6 in Gainesville, FL. They gave it their all, breaking strings and ripping vocal chords to an all-star crowd on the stage behind them and a packed room of about a thousand fans singing along.