Dear Landlord – Live at The Fest 9

Sixteen months of buzz after the release of their first full-length, Dream Homes on No Idea Records, Dear Landlord had no trouble packing the thousand capacity venue, 8 Seconds at their set during The FEST 9. During their set at The FEST 8, they dressed up as Coneheads and sweat their way through one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. They packed Common Grounds to the point most people missed them waiting in line for the “one in, one out” rule. To cement their Halloween themed Fest sets into solid tradition, they opted for the ridiculous and as a group donned Insane Clown Posse jewelry, clothes, and yes, even the makeup. Somehow, it worked and they had an incredibly energetic set despite the fact they opened the venue for the day, starting at 1pm. Take a look for yourself…

“Park Bench” from Dream Homes

“Goodbye to Oakland” from Dream Homes

“I Live in Hell” from Dream Homes

“Lake Ontario” from Dream Homes

“Doormat” from Dream Homes

“High Fives” from Dream Homes

“Last Time I Checked” from Dream Homes

“A Little Left” from Dopamines/Dear Landlord Split

“Whiskey and Records” from Dream Homes

“Landlocked” from Dream Homes

“Begging for Tips” from Dream Homes

“Rosa” from Dream Homes

“Three To The Beach” from Chinese Telephones 7″ Split

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