Against Me! – Full Set (The Fest 4)

Against Me! have become one of the largest local bands to come from Gainesville, FL which is quite the statement as local bands include Hot Water Music, Less Than Jake and none other than Tom Petty. Starting off in 1997 as a solo act, Tom Gabel fine tuned the lineup and after years of touring and releasing stellar material on Plan It X Records, Sabot Productions, No Idea Records, and then Fat Wreck Chords came to a high point in their career in the summer/fall of 2005. After releasing their tour DVD “We’re Never Going Home”, playing Warped Tour that year and headlining the Fat Wreck tour, their final show was at home, headlining The FEST 4. A “We’re Never Going Home…Homecoming” if you will. Whether you’re an old Against Me! fan or a new fan you’ll find this is one of the best compilations of their past work, playing it at home to one of the best crowds of their career.

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