Shook Ones / Paint It Black – Apartment Show (The Fest 6)

Our buddies in Spanish Gamble (at the time Dirty Money and before that the guys that put us up at Fest V and helped us on tour with Less Than Jake…brothers to say the least) planned out a series of house shows for Fest 6 after a surprisingly successful couple at Fest V. The shows were planned out to have only one surprise headliner that never showed, with the rest being smaller acts. Dr. Dan Yemin asked if Paint It Black could play and Ryan, of course, said yeah. Only problem is that their apartment was on the second floor and when you cram 250 kids in, the floor sunk. The ceiling in the apartment downstairs apparently fell. They went on a two month tour before the office opened on Monday and never heard anything about it. Oh, and the best part was that the cops came and just hung out at 3am at a punk show. Only in Gainesville. This was shot by Joe Olmestad who was on tour with Shook Ones…we didn’t have any audio there cause we were breaking down after recording Naked Raygun at the Venue.

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