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Into It. Over It. – Ravenswood (Pink Couch Session)

If You Make It has posted yet another Pink Couch Session this week; with the most recent featuring Into It. Over It. You can check out the video above, or here!

Vinyl Vlog: Episode #22 w/Jeff Rowe

Vinyl Vlog’s new show features some interview fun with Ryan the Terrible as well as a soundtrack and interview with Jeff Rowe. Check it out!

Vinyl Vlog: Episode #21 w/Suburban Home Records

The Vinyl Vlog dudes are back with another episode featuring an interview with Virgil of Suburban Home Records. Also included: an overview of Captain, We’re Sinking’s 7″ EP “It’s A Trap” (which was given away for a contest in an earlier episode), a giant flask, previews of upcoming Suburban Home Records, and current favorite albums of Virgil’s. Check it out!

The Return of Vinyl Vlog! Episode #20

After an extended hiatus and branching off into new territory with, the VV crew is back with another series of videos, the first of which we have for you today. Enjoy! Hit Read More to comment or share the link.

Red City Radio – Track By Track (To The Sons And Daughters Of Woody Guthrie)

Red City Radio gives us an in depth track by track look at their latest release To The Sons And Daughters Of Woody Guthrie. The EP is now available on vinyl through Loose Charm Records. Pick it up here –

Spanish Gamble – Interview / Practice

I went up to Gainesville and hung out with my friends from Spanish Gamble. I tried to interview them, but we just really hung out with the camera and did the things we normally do. I got to sit in while they practiced and wrote new material. We went downtown and got into trouble. We shot two more tapes of slurring ridiculousness that didn’t make the cut. A lot did. Including an unfinished, untitled song/work in progress that rules. Check it out.

Vinyl Vlog: Season Two Episode Nine

Vinyl Vlog talks to Chris Wrenn from Bridge Nine and review the new Crime In Stereo record. The episode also features Neil from Anchorless Records as a guest host.