Bands You Need To Know- Caves

Caves are a great energetic pop punk band from Bristol, UK. Last year, they posted mp3s from their first seven inch on the Fest MessageBoard and those songs really grabbed my attention. The band is fun, passionate and really remind me a lot of the defunct Discount. When I saw them at the Fest 9, they did not disappoint and were amongst the best sets that I saw that weekend.

Since last year, Caves has been a busy band. They have combined the songs from their first 7″ and split 10″ into a Collection CD. They have also recorded their first full length, titled Homeward Bound, which was just released on vinyl by YoYo Records on and on CD by Specialist Subject. From what I hear the album will make it to the states through the No Idea distro.

This summer, Caves will be touring the UK with the Richmond band Sundials. In fall, they will be crossing the Atlantic for the Fest 10, which is where I’ll be sure to be seeing them again.

Summer tour date w/ Sundials:

July 15, 2011    Everything Sucks Club, London
July 16, 2011    Studio/Garden show, Kingston area
July 17, 2011    Goblets, Southampton
July 18, 2011    Albert, Brighton
July 19, 2011    The Portland, Cambridge
July 20, 2011    tbc, Norwich
July 21, 2011    Red House, Sheffield
July 22, 2011    tbc    Manchester
July 23, 2011    Practice Room, Ponte
July 24, 2011    Monteys Rock Cafe, York
July 25, 2011    Centra,l   Newcastle
July 26, 2011    Prince Of Wales, Leamington
July 27, 2011    Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham
July 28, 2011    The Cavern, Exeter
July 29, 2011    Gower Pub,  Cardiff
July 30, 2011    The Fighting Cocks,  Kingston
July 31, 2011    The Croft, Bristol

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