Capsule – No Ghost

When listening to No Ghost for the first time, prepare for a shock to the system because this is a pretty big departure for Capsule. The band’s music is notoriously chaotic and with the songs from their previous full length and seven inches the listener was never sure what to expect. Capsule’s chaotic nature still exists within the confines of No Ghost, but this time has been nurtured and molded to also hold a larger sense of organization behind the madness.

This could be attributed to the band’s move from a three piece to a four piece, but the songs that make up No Ghost exist in much larger spaces. The expansion of the Capsule’s line up, really allows for them to flex their creative muscle. These songs are more heavy and straightforward, but at the same time they contain layers and melody. Buried under the destructive guitar and bass tones, if you listen close enough you will be able to hear some beautiful moments that are built into the record too.This new direction for Capsule really hits its zenith during the second half of No Ghost. Specifically within the track Isn’t Us. This song contains the most diverse moments of the album. The song is a five minute jam that contains melodic guitars and vocals but it is still driven by a dissonant bass line. Plus I swear I even hear a tambourine in the track.No Ghost was released digitally on 4/20/2011 and based upon the band’s recreational activities, the appropriateness of that date was not lost. The physical release was originally marred in some delays, but now can be found at your favorite distro or direct from Rorscharch Records. So hurry up and pick up this record, because it is definitely an album that grows with every listen especially if you’re also partaking in some recreational activities of your own.

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