Monumental Tracks – Episode 12: Interview with Mixtapes and Direct Hit!

Washington, D.C. podcast Monumental Tracks recently posted another interview, featuring Ohio’s Mixtapes and Wisconsin’s Direct Hit! Read more for the playlist and check out the link for more info the streaming podcast!

  1. Ok Go – Invincible
  2. The Get Up Kids – Coming Clean
  3. Jetty Boys – The Way It Goes
  4. Direct Hit! – Werewolf Shame
  5. Mixtapes – Morning Sex and AM Radio
  6. Streetlight Manifesto – A Better Place, A Better Time
  7. Jimmy Eat World – Thinking, That’s All
  8. Mixtapes – I Was a Teenage Poltergeist
  9. Direct Hit! – They Came For Me
  10. Mineral – Parking Lot
  11. The Toasters – Weekend in L.A.
  12. Big D & The Kids Table – LAX
  13. Everyone Everywhere – Thermal Dynamics
  14. The Suicide Machines – Break the Glass

Check out the podcast here!

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