Bands You Need to Know – Little League

Remember the days when the word emo was associated with people like this and notwith people like this ? For those who were born too close Kurt Cobain’s suicide, this is probably a hard concept to fathom, but it used to be that way. Those days are long gone, corrupted by legions of high schoolers and the vapidness of the internet age. Stuff like fashion and trends are always silly and fickle things, but the music associated with “prehistoric emo” though, that used to be a good and honest sound. Currently, there seems to be a resurgence of bands which find their influences amongst those old emo bands. I think can say that Tallahassee’s Little League are one of those bands. To most people, state capital of Florida brings to mind the horrors of Rick Scott and his ill planned budget cuts and tea party politics. Somehow, amongst the festering negativity and depression coming out of Tallahassee, there is also a great crop of bands developing into a vibrant music scene. Having taken their sound on the road and already with a few releases under their belt, Little League finds themselves ahead of the class. You can find digital versions of theirs releases on their bandcamp page, with some are available at “name you’re own price”.Who knows, the members of Little League might even disagree with being described as an emo band, but when I hear twinkling, angular guitar riffs over some reflective and honest lyrics that is how I hear it. And well in case you’re uncomfortable with the whole emo term, we’ll just say melodic hardcore and call it a day.

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