Bands You Need to Know- We Were Skeletons

If Ampere decided to find some middle-ground between having a regular tempo and no discernible tempo at all, the result might have been remarkably similar to We Were Skeletons, a chaotic three-piece screamo band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The band adds a mathy twist to many of their songs, and it’s always smartly integrated, briskly played, and typically utilized as a series of transitions into angry, full-on blasts or subdued moments of restraint. Dual vocals often overlap in a tag-team manner reminiscent of early Twelve Hour Turn.

Over the span of their nine-song self-titled sophomore LP, which came out last year, We Were Skeletons demonstrate a remarkable talent for holding the listener’s attention through one dynamic shift to another, and song lengths range from two to seven minutes. The immense “This Destroys Us” features super intricate guitar work that progressively takes shape alongside a percussion-heavy rhythm that breaks down as quickly as it picks back up, and that’s just the first thirty seconds.

Currently signed to Topshelf Records, We Were Skeletons have released a split EP with MNWA, and subsequently released a split with The Saddest Landscape last April. The band recently wrapped up a U.S. Tour, and will be playing the Fest this October. Stream We Were Skeletons at Topshelf’s Bandcamp page here!

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