Joyce Manor Join Asian Man Records

Asian Man Records has announced that they have signed Torrence, CA’s Joyce Manor, and will be releasing the follow up to their much acclaimed debut self-titled full length in early 2012. Owner Mike Park had this to say about the new addition to his label’s roster:

“Have you heard of them? Hailing from Torrance, CA., I am pretty excited to announce that we will be putting out the bands next full length sometime in early 2012. The band is heading up to San Francisco to record a bunch of new songs in November at the ATOMIC GARDEN with producer Jack Shirley. I actually met the singer about 6 years ago. I played a generator show in San Pedro at the sunken city off the cliffs(did that make any sense?) and there I asked if anybody could drive me to the airport and young Barry Johnson would volunteer. How nice of him. So yeah, we are basically best friends because of that. In actuality, I would never have known this to be fact if he didn’t remind me that it was indeed him that drove me. So yes.. Spread the goodness that is JOYCE MANOR.”

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