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Anthony Glaser is a writer, blogger, and journalism major from Long Island, New York. Formerly the interviews editor at National Underground, he contributes to Substream's web and print editions. He spends the average day working, writing, playing video games, listening to Converge, and watching The Sopranos. He likes cats. Follow him on Twitter.

Pianos Become the Teeth Detail Upcoming Full-Length, Fall Tour

Pianos Become the Teeth has revealed the track list and artwork for The Lack Long After, the band’s upcoming full-length on Topshelf Records. The album will be released November 1st, and is currently available for pre-order.

Stream “Spine,” a track from The Lack Long After, at the Siq Shit blog here.

Pianos Become the Teeth will tour this fall with Touché Amoré and Seahaven, along with Circle Takes the Square for select dates.

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The Saddest Landscape Sign to Topshelf Records

Boston-based screamo band The Saddest Landscape have signed to Topshelf Records. The band will enter New Alliance Studios with producer John Taft November 5th to record their next full-length album, which is to be released early next year. Taft collaborated with The Saddest Landscape on 2010’s You Will Not Survive.

Fat Wreck Chords Announces Fest-Exclusive Compilation

Fat Wreck Chords has announced an upcoming compilation entitled Fat Music for Fest PeopleThe compilation will be available at Fest 10 during the Fest flea market. The 10″ record is limited to 1,000 copies, and will be sold exclusively at the Fest. It will feature previously-released material from each of the ten Fat bands performing at Fest, including Dillinger Four,Dead to Me, and Banner PilotRichard Minino, also known for designing past Fest memorabilia and art, designed the cover.

Fat Wreck Chords will be hosting, for the first time, a table at the Fest flea market.

Bands You Need to Know- We Were Skeletons

If Ampere decided to find some middle-ground between having a regular tempo and no discernible tempo at all, the result might have been remarkably similar to We Were Skeletons, a chaotic three-piece screamo band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The band adds a mathy twist to many of their songs, and it’s always smartly integrated, briskly played, and typically utilized as a series of transitions into angry, full-on blasts or subdued moments of restraint. Dual vocals often overlap in a tag-team manner reminiscent of early Twelve Hour Turn.

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Interview: Dan Andriano

Dan Andriano has been involved in various projects throughout recent years. His latest endeavor is a solo effort officially deemed Dan Andriano and The Emergency Room, whose debut full-length is scheduled for release on Asian Man Records this summer. Additionally, Dan has kept busy with his full-time band by putting together an album of reworked Alkaline Trio songs in celebration of the band’s fifteenth anniversary. After playing Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut, Dan, despite a painful foot injury, shared some of his thoughts regarding the upcoming solo material and Alkaline Trio’s longevity while he and I walked from the venue to his hotel. Derek Grant arrived near the end of the interview to help contribute. Continue reading

Interview: Pianos Become the Teeth


Baltimore’s Pianos Become the Teeth is among several noteworthy bands said to be reviving the golden era of screamo. The band offers a notably dark, emotionally draining brand of post-hardcore, to which each member contributes a focused, dedicated approach. Mike, Kyle, Zac, Chad, and David, having driven several hours to play at My Heart to Joy’s recent record release show, were all extremely vocal in sharing their feelings regarding the pressures of being in a band, the process of arranging specific song structures, and in-depth details concerning the band’s current material.


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Interview: My Heart to Joy

My Heart to Joy’s recently announced breakup broke the hearts of many, but in spite of this, the band remains optimistic. Its members look forward to future endeavors, pursuing various other projects and remaining active within the Connecticut music scene. Upon clearing out of Lily’s Pad after playing a record release show for the newly released Reasons to Be EP, Greg, Chris, and Alan sat down with me at a nearby deli at well past midnight. We discussed the new record, Connecticut bands, and the many accomplishments from which the band feels a great sense of pride.


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Interview: Touche Amore

Touché Amoré’s popularity has ascended considerably since the release of …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, and with good reason. The band’s debut full-length strips hardcore down to its abrasive roots, while intelligently introspective lyrics provide a relatable outlet to increasingly dedicated fans. They’ve also been quite busy this year, touring repeatedly and still finding the time to write at any given opportunity, which has resulted in two successive EPs and a new full-length in the works. Following a stressful drive from New York (characterized by unbearable traffic, a loss of t-shirts, and Trash Talk’s cancellation as a result of a leg injury), vocalist Jeremy Bolm graciously sat down with me in New Haven, Connecticut. Continue reading

Interview: Defiance, Ohio

Despite the challenges of long-distance relationships, school, and other responsibilities, Defiance, Ohio somehow finds the time to tour relentlessly. What else would one expect from a band who can attest firsthand that 2,600 miles is a forty-five-hour drive? Opening for the Bouncing Souls, the band recently played Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, a noteworthy change. Fans can rest assured, however, that Defiance, Ohio has not lost their passion for intimate venues, as evidenced by the addition of a free show at a college campus in Purchase, New York. Geoff Hing kindly agreed to an interview at the following show in New Haven, Connecticut, where Theo Hilton and Will Staler accompanied him in answering my questions. Continue reading

Interview: Young Livers

On the heels of an east coast tour for their sophomore release Of Misery and Toil, Young Livers stopped in Wallingford, Connecticut, to play a somewhat-secret basement show at Redscroll Records. Despite an unfamiliar crowd of fewer than fifty people, the band’s powerful energy swept through the room with vehemency. After the show, after lugging equipment back into their van, we discussed touring, writing, and the new record. Continue reading