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Interview: Defiance, Ohio

Despite the challenges of long-distance relationships, school, and other responsibilities, Defiance, Ohio somehow finds the time to tour relentlessly. What else would one expect from a band who can attest firsthand that 2,600 miles is a forty-five-hour drive? Opening for the Bouncing Souls, the band recently played Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, a noteworthy change. Fans can rest assured, however, that Defiance, Ohio has not lost their passion for intimate venues, as evidenced by the addition of a free show at a college campus in Purchase, New York. Geoff Hing kindly agreed to an interview at the following show in New Haven, Connecticut, where Theo Hilton and Will Staler accompanied him in answering my questions. Continue reading


Interview: Young Livers

On the heels of an east coast tour for their sophomore release Of Misery and Toil, Young Livers stopped in Wallingford, Connecticut, to play a somewhat-secret basement show at Redscroll Records. Despite an unfamiliar crowd of fewer than fifty people, the band’s powerful energy swept through the room with vehemency. After the show, after lugging equipment back into their van, we discussed touring, writing, and the new record. Continue reading

Chris Hannah of Propagandhi – Video Interview (Harvest of Hope Fest)

In 1986, Canadian punk rock pioneers Propagandhi started crafting their own blend of (what was known at the time as) metal and skate punk and above all, telling it like it is. At the Harvest of Hope Fest in St. Augustine, FL back in March, we had the opportunity to talk to Chris Hannah, frontman and guitarist, about a list of topics from their new release to who he was interested in seeing play. With an unintentional soundtrack by Bridge & Tunnel, it’s a pretty cool candid conversation…pretty funny that he’s a Bad Brains fan considering that just over an hour after Bad Brains played, Propagandhi played “Haillie Sallasse, Up Your Ass” (listen on to see why that’s funny).

Hot Water Music – Video Interview

National Underground doesn’t pay the bills, but it has some awesome perks. One of which was to find out about the HWM reunion months before it was announced. The idea had been to record as many of the HWM shows as possible, but HOB wanted tons of money to even let us in…it’s a Disney thing. So, we recorded the unannounced pre-reunion show at Common Grounds in Gainesville the night before the big announced reunion in Orlando.

This also marked the first attempt for NU to do interviews. We had our buddies in Dirty Money (Colin and Ryan) and Cam Taylor (Southern Lovin mainstay but at the time a Clemson student) take a stab at it. They did a pretty good job for their first try at interview work and got the guys to let them in on some old school HWM points of view.

So, to give you some perspective, they hadn’t played together in years and were two hours out from taking the stage at home to a crowd of friends and family (seriously it didn’t even sell out while the announced shows had been soldout for months). They’d kind of gotten over any issues and were remembering why they were friends and bandmates in the first place.

Mutiny Zine Interviews Vinyl Vlog

The Gaslight Anthem – Video Interview

Call the Office in London Ontario, it’s a treasure in the live music scene, and the only place in my general area known well enough to capture the attention of the bands I love. It was there I sang with The Matches, watched The Weakerthans in awe…twice, almost passed out from the heat during A Streetlight Manifesto show and it was there I won a watch by stripping down to my boxers and running a lap around the bar. It holds a lot of memories for me so what better venue to see The Gaslight Anthem, the newest and best band to come out in a while.

Continue reading

Brendan Kelly – Video Interview (The Fest 7)

In preparation for Gainesville’s Favorite Holiday, we wanted to get our users more involved in what we love to do here at National Underground. It was decided a contest to vie for an opportunity to interview Brendan Kelly would only be appropriate, over beers of course. We asked users to come up with interesting questions, and the Bad Sandwich himself would pick the winner.

18-year-old Kyle Krische had the opportunity to ask Brendan about fatherhood, touring, the writing process, and the secret behind the liner notes of The Greatest Story Every Told. Enjoy!

Also be sure to read BK’s blog here.