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Interview: Pianos Become the Teeth


Baltimore’s Pianos Become the Teeth is among several noteworthy bands said to be reviving the golden era of screamo. The band offers a notably dark, emotionally draining brand of post-hardcore, to which each member contributes a focused, dedicated approach. Mike, Kyle, Zac, Chad, and David, having driven several hours to play at My Heart to Joy’s recent record release show, were all extremely vocal in sharing their feelings regarding the pressures of being in a band, the process of arranging specific song structures, and in-depth details concerning the band’s current material.


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Interview: Hold Tight!

Interview by Kristen Swanson

Hold Tight! is the packaged deal of bassist/vocalist James Goodson, guitarist/vocalist Jake Guralnik, guitarist Eric Kelly, and drummer Alex Wilhelm. With their song “Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here,” you’ll be wishing you were in Virginia too after listening to Hold Tight! These Richmond, VA natives are proving that the DIY scene is still alive, with their constant touring and fresh pop punk tunes. Check out this interview with Alex as he reveals how the band got started, their love for Lifetime, and what’s next for Hold Tight! Then, make sure you check out the band’s Facebook, and download their songs for free here.

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Interview: My Heart to Joy

My Heart to Joy’s recently announced breakup broke the hearts of many, but in spite of this, the band remains optimistic. Its members look forward to future endeavors, pursuing various other projects and remaining active within the Connecticut music scene. Upon clearing out of Lily’s Pad after playing a record release show for the newly released Reasons to Be EP, Greg, Chris, and Alan sat down with me at a nearby deli at well past midnight. We discussed the new record, Connecticut bands, and the many accomplishments from which the band feels a great sense of pride.


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Interview: Man Overboard

Straight out of South Jersey, Man Overboard is jumping into the music scene with their catchy lyrics and fun-loving attitudes. Newly signed to Rise Records, these guys are proving that they are more than just a small-town band. Don’t worry though, these guys are still down-to-earth Jersey boys. Check out this interview with Justin Collier and Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard as they discuss heartbreak, touring around the world, and Beyoncé.

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Interview: Shook Ones


Photo by: Shelby Jacobson

By now, everyone has heard of the hardcore/punk band Shook Ones from Seattle, Washington. With their unique lyrics and addicting melodies, most of us dream of seeing them play live, and lie in anticipation of new songs. So with that in mind, check out this interview with guitarist Kelly as he discusses the current state of the band, the reason for their lack of touring, and what the future holds for the Shook Ones! Continue reading

Monumental Tracks – Episode 12: Interview with Mixtapes and Direct Hit!

Washington, D.C. podcast Monumental Tracks recently posted another interview, featuring Ohio’s Mixtapes and Wisconsin’s Direct Hit! Read more for the playlist and check out the link for more info the streaming podcast!

Interview: Touche Amore

Touché Amoré’s popularity has ascended considerably since the release of …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, and with good reason. The band’s debut full-length strips hardcore down to its abrasive roots, while intelligently introspective lyrics provide a relatable outlet to increasingly dedicated fans. They’ve also been quite busy this year, touring repeatedly and still finding the time to write at any given opportunity, which has resulted in two successive EPs and a new full-length in the works. Following a stressful drive from New York (characterized by unbearable traffic, a loss of t-shirts, and Trash Talk’s cancellation as a result of a leg injury), vocalist Jeremy Bolm graciously sat down with me in New Haven, Connecticut. Continue reading