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Direct Hit!- Domesplitter

Direct Hit!
’s debut album Domesplitter is a collection of what the fans voted on as the group’s most noteworthy tracks off of their first five split 7”s, rerecorded and reimagined with a new, consistent lineup and a concrete goal in sight. The band’s signature blend of anthemic pop-punk is fairly reminiscent of genre staples The Copyrights andScreeching Weasel, and when tied in succinctly with fellow pumper-upper Andrew WK creates an unpredictable slew of party punk with enough heart to keep you coming back for more. Domesplitter hits the nail on the head like none of the band’s previous short run efforts have been able to. In true Direct Hit! fashion, the listener is slapped in the face with the first “fuck you, get pumped!” before even the opening track has a chance to make an appearance, and again a mere five minutes later.

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