Kiiks / Koji / Pj Bond / Coffee Project – Live at Turkey Town

Today, we’re bringing you a special acoustic show live from none other than Turkey Town. Jeremy Silveira, one of Turkey Town’s residents, has been National Underground’s Director of Photography for three years and has helped the crew film on countless occasions. You can find more videos we have featured of his on our site, as well as other rare recordings at his blog.

From Jeremy’s blog: so back in September our buddy PJ Bond was coming through town and we decided to invite anyone who wanted to enjoy good music and some food over for an acoustic show in our backyard. He was on tour with Koji, who I could go on and on about not only how amazing of a musician he is but also just as a person who seems to truly love what he is doing. Koji was a reminder for me that music can not only just be enjoyed but really used to help people or bring about some small sort of change in our world, it’s great to see not everyone has given up on that. Local favorites Kiiks (fearless leader of Douglas Shields and the X-Factor) and Coffee Project rounded out the bill which made out for a really fun night.

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