Off With Their Heads – Live at The Fest 9 (Secret Show)

One of the best thing about The Fest every year is that, even with over 200 bands booked, you can always expect some kind of surprise reunion, set, or band to end up highlighting the weekend. Whether it happens at the Holiday Inn, a warehouse, or even the back of a U-Haul, The Fest will always keep you on your toes. After a bit of Twitterspeculation, this year’s biggest surprise ended up coming from Fest veterans Off With Their Heads.

Despite being on tour with Bad Religion, OWTH made it out to Gainesville to play an impromptu set The Atlantic on Saturday night. Not only were Fest-goers treated to the surprise performance, but to up the ante the band played 2006’s Hospitals in its entirety with the original line up from the recordings.

See the rest of the set here.

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