Bands You Need To Know- Run, Forever

Run ForeverThere really isn’t a good reason why Run, Forever shouldn’t already be your favorite new band. The Pittsburgh, PA-based trio has found their stride playing tunes that blend the folk-rock sounds of early Against Me! and The Sidekicks’ ‘90s emo-pop homage to create a sound that should be welcoming to anyone that appreciates anything that falls under the blanket term of punk music. The band’s debut full-length The Devil, And The Death, and Me is beautifully morbid and insanely poppy, and their recently released split 7” with Atlanta’s The Wild takes from the most intense, driving sounds of their full length and turns it up a notch. If you want to check out a band that in a couple months/years will have you can saying “I knew about this band before they got huge,” then go listen to Run, Forever pronto. A band this good cannot go unnoticed for very long.

Be sure to check out Run, Forever at FEST 10 on Friday Oct. 28th at The Laboratary at 11:20pm

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