National Underground Wants To Buy You A Drink At Fest 10

National Underground loves The Fest more than just about anything, and we want to enjoy it this year with all of our loyal readers. So this year we’re buying you a round. Free beers at Fest, does it get any better? Probably not. Our news editor, Dan Case, will again be liveblogging his Fest experience and will be responsible for providing the beverages to the masses.

So, all you need to do is follow Dan via our twitter feed (@NatlUnderground) or our Facebook page, and he’ll keep you posted on where to find him in Gainesville. Find him, prove that you are of legal drinking age, and let him know you’d like to obtain an ice cold beverage. It’s that easy. He might have some other goodies too…

Hope to see and meet you all there!

This is the guy you’ll be looking for:

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