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The Lawrence Arms – Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me, God (Live at T.T. the Bear’s)

National Underground is excited to bring you live video featuring The Lawrence Arms performing “Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me, God” from their 2006 album Oh! Calcutta!. The footage was filmed by our friends in Vinyl Vlog at T.T. the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA.

No Friends – Live at The Fest 9

Today’s video features hardcore punk supergroup No Friends performing “Broken Windows” and “Loaded Question” at The Atlantic in Gainesville, FL during The Fest 9. Also, like many other instances, thanks goes out to Jeremy Silveira for filming this and for continuing to provide consistently great footage for us to post for our readers.

Make sure and check out Jeremy’s blog for more video.

Frank Turner – Live at The Fest 9

Another Fest was coming to a close, so everyone’s spirits were starting to get a little low. Luckily, we had Frank Turner to bring it all to a close for us at 8 Seconds and pick us all back up. From my vantage point on the stage, I could see everyone in the crowd smiling and singing along, even though it was such a departure from most of the music at the Fest. How often do you see crowd surfing to an acoustic singer-songwriter? Never, in my experience anyway. I was too excited to really hold the camera as steady as I could, just because I wanted to join in singing with everyone. There was a perfect blend of old material, a dash of new, and even a cover with a very special guest. This was a fantastic end to one of the best weekends of my life. Until next year of course.

Filmed by Tighe Arnold, Chip Hill, and Sarah Mugavin. Edited by Mackenzie Singleton. Audio mixed by Trevor Oattes, recorded by Mackenzie Singleton.

See the rest of the set here.

Frank Turner – To Take You Home (Bathroom Tapes)

Thunder Clap Super GeniusPaper and Plastick and Epitaph are all stoked to bring you Frank Turner in the latest of the Bathroom Tapes series.

Boxingwater – Anthem (Reunion Show in Allston, MA)

Today’s video comes courtesy of our pals at Vinyl Vlog. They recently posted live video of Boxingwater performing “Anthem” during their reunion show at Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Mockingbird Wish Me Luck – Orphans of a Storm (Live at The Fest 9)

Today’s live video from The Fest 9 comes from Ontario’s Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. The band performed during Sunday of The Fest at Rum Runners. Check out the video for footage of “Orphans of a Storm” from their 2009 EP Goodbye Debris.

Footage filmed and edited by Reese Lester.

Into It. Over It. – Ravenswood (Pink Couch Session)

If You Make It has posted yet another Pink Couch Session this week; with the most recent featuring Into It. Over It. You can check out the video above, or here!