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Bands You Need To Know- Glocca Morra

Glocca Morra play those sweet tuneful noodle jams that just seem to warm your soul. Whether it’s a sun-drenched summer day or a bitter cold winter morning, there’s something special about soaring guitar riffs over a racing drum beat. It just sits right. Perfect in fact. Glocca Morra capture all this and more on their split 7″ with PA/NY band and fellow noodlers The Greek Favourites.

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Bands You Need To Know- Turnover

Demo, Shows, Record, Tour. Turnover has made it through the gauntlet of goals that claims the lives of so many other bands. With a sense of community and lack of bitterness for the world, these barely legal VA beachers are in the mindset of a fully developed idea. This is very apparent on their S/T debut forBroken Rim Recs. A 5 song EP about uncertainty of the real world and the girls that rule it, these songs speak to both pop punk and hardcore kids alike. Keeping the new wave of melodic punk alive while still contending with bands like Crime In StereoTitle Fight, and Protagonist these kids are coming up! Before clenching a couple high school diplomas, Turnover plan on going out on a couple weekend benders as well as a three week winter tour. A Split LP is also on the horizon and can be expected early next year. Its hard to say where these kids will end up after gaining legal status but, its always mind blowing to see when such a young group of friends can get it together and be on the same page.

Bands You Need to Know- Iron Chic

Have you recently spent some time in Tampa, Gainesville or Chicago? Did your time in these cities include attending punk shows and visiting dive bars? Well unbeknownst you probably have spent some quality time with Dan Sapp. Dan Sapp is that rowdy guy at shows yelling the lyrics right back to the band or the guy hanging off your shoulder at bars. In short, Dan Sapp is a man who likes good bands and knows how to party. It was Dan Sapp who told me to check out Iron Chic. Dan Sapp told me about an upcoming show they were playing and you know what I did? I fucked up and didn’t see them.

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Bands You Need to Know- We Were Skeletons

If Ampere decided to find some middle-ground between having a regular tempo and no discernible tempo at all, the result might have been remarkably similar to We Were Skeletons, a chaotic three-piece screamo band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The band adds a mathy twist to many of their songs, and it’s always smartly integrated, briskly played, and typically utilized as a series of transitions into angry, full-on blasts or subdued moments of restraint. Dual vocals often overlap in a tag-team manner reminiscent of early Twelve Hour Turn.

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Bands You Need To Know- You Blew It!

2012 will be the year of You Blew It!. Since the release of their 2009 demo, these Orlando twinkle punks have been putting in their respected time to build upwards as well as outwards. After a new guitar player and a couple of bass players, a new direction and sound started to emerge. While still falling somewhere in the shadows of bands like American Football and Braid, the group went into the studio with Fake Problems‘ Derek Perry to record their 2010 EPThe Past In Present. Although still having some troubles in the bass department, YBI have still managed to go out on the road for three east coast tours. Now with a promising lineup and some time to let the dust settle, they are currently working on a debut full length titled Grow Up, Dude. Falling into a looser and more dynamic sound, these four guys are working together like never before to write what I’m sure is to become a defining album. Keep an eye out for them as their tour regime is not about to slow down once this record drops. You might even see the day when Tanner Jones can grow a beard.

Check out “Terry V. Tori” on this years Top Shelf Records compilation here

Bands You Need To Know- French Exit

French Exit is an energetic melodic punk band from LA. With 3 Ep’s under their belts, these guys are moving forward FAST. Most recently, they put out French 3xit EP on NC’s Death To False Hope Records, with a debut 7″ for Solidarity Recordings coming out August 9th. While claiming love for the home they’ve made in the large yet personal community of Los Angeles, this band is breaking out. With weekend warrior mentality, they will be playing shows up and down to this year’s Seattle Sound Fest and Awesome Fest 5 in San Diego. So whether you’re catching them at one of the above mentioned Fests, this band should be on your radar.

Be sure to check out French Exit’s French 3xit EP right here

Bands You Need To Know- Caves

Caves are a great energetic pop punk band from Bristol, UK. Last year, they posted mp3s from their first seven inch on the Fest MessageBoard and those songs really grabbed my attention. The band is fun, passionate and really remind me a lot of the defunct Discount. When I saw them at the Fest 9, they did not disappoint and were amongst the best sets that I saw that weekend.

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Bands You Need To Know- Shores

Shore’s first release, Coup de Grace, came out last year on No Idea Records. Compared to other records that are released by the label, there was little fanfare and/or attention. Which is a shame because the album is so stunningly good. The album is quiet, loud and moving in all the right places. The music is a perfect soundtrack for that reoccurring dream where you are laying down on a glacier and just slowly drifting along the Northern Atlantic.

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Bands You Need to Know – Little League

Remember the days when the word emo was associated with people like this and notwith people like this ? For those who were born too close Kurt Cobain’s suicide, this is probably a hard concept to fathom, but it used to be that way. Those days are long gone, corrupted by legions of high schoolers and the vapidness of the internet age. Stuff like fashion and trends are always silly and fickle things, but the music associated with “prehistoric emo” though, that used to be a good and honest sound. Currently, there seems to be a resurgence of bands which find their influences amongst those old emo bands. I think can say that Tallahassee’s Little League are one of those bands.  Continue reading

Bands You Need To Know- Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson was bright beacon from an otherwise gloomy Miami punk scene. Let me lay my bias on the table, the members include some of my best friends and I have some the band’s artwork tattooed above my left knee. They were a pop punk band but were also relatively hard to pigeon hole. Doing my best to force a comparison, I would say their sound was somewhere in between The Marked Men and The Thermals. In Miami, good music is usually created in flashes, which end when the members of those bands become frustrated with the limitations of the city. The release of Sloane Peterson’s full length will forever be marred by those frustrations…

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